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Close-fitting underwear! Christmas final gift

Jan 01, 2019

1. When the relationship between men and women is officially established, the boy will send the girl a cute plush toy. The nature of a girl is like a plush toy. Even if the family can't put it down, it's not too troublesome, or like it, so the boy is the first step to send a plush toy

2, when the boyfriend's birthday, the girl will send a couple watches to the boys, witness the days of walking together.

3, when the girl's birthday, the boy will send a cheaper ring to the other party, on behalf of me will be single-minded. The so-called diamonds are long-lasting and one is everlasting.

4, Valentine's Day, the boys will spend more thoughts, a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, a greeting card must not escape.

5, but the couple must have a couple look, go to the DIY store to make a couple suit for each other, wearing the street in the heart.

6, personally make a romantic candlelight dinner for her, the day to choose, must also choose to be in a quiet and undisturbed place, put a candle, and prepare a necklace for her, and finally come to a deep Kiss.

7. At the end, prepare two movie tickets for the other party. Remember that you must be a love movie or a horror movie, so that the girl is more likely to lean against you.

8. Bring the scarf that the other party gave you. Walk in the cold winter, you won't feel cold, because the scarf represents you will always love you, will you feel cold?

9. Give the other party a small mobile phone pendant, which means I hope you will be lucky forever.

10, you are really sincere to me, there is no other man (woman) in my heart, send the other party a mobile phone, the phone is only my ringtone.

11, send a boyfriend razor, I hope that he can be clean and comfortable every day, more importantly, on behalf of you in my heart is a good mature male, worthy of my object.

12, on the anniversary of the day to send each other a photo album, which contains the days we walked together, happy, painful, but then sweet, and always treasure you and my memories.

13, must send a tie to the lover, on behalf of me will hold you forever, do not let go, every minute and second with you.

14, buy a wallet for the boys, on behalf of him does not leave you, caught his dependence on you. Because the wallet is used every day, it is loaded with money, and it is a necessity. If there is no wallet, there is no safety.

15, buy an ice cream cake for the other party, especially girls, ice cream is definitely a must-kill for boys, girls see this thing, they forget to gain weight, but also have to lose weight. If you take a little thought, or make a very creative cake yourself, it is estimated that she fell under your pomegranate skirt.

16, clothing, ordinary clothes are beautiful, and will not wear every day, maybe tired of wearing a few days. If she doesn't care about her interest, even if she is worth a lot, she will be thrown into the cold palace and thrown in the corner of the closet. But the pajamas are different, a soft pajamas will become her most intimate baby. Carefully choose a beautiful pajamas for her, be sure to have a pure cotton texture, soft and iron, and the color is light and warm, stay with her every night, wear it will remind you of your gentleness, feel your warmth heart.

17. The other party likes small animals. If you like a puppy, give the other a surprise. Then tell him (she) that when there is no me, it will represent me, play with you, and sleep together.

18, a gift has to say, that is, must buy a pair of underwear for the other side. This means that we already know each other very well and have no privacy.