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Cos role process

Nov 24, 2018


Many newcomers have a passion for Cosplay, but they can't start with Cos. In fact, if you want Cos to have a character you love, it is just 6 steps below, you can really take the road of Coser!

Do basic homework

It is not enough to have a character in addition to a simple character. First, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the role of Cos, such as the character's personality, inner thought activities, frequent physical movements, and changes in expressions. Even the relationship with the characters in the surrounding characters, etc., should be well understood. This is a very important step and the basis for a good character.

The importance of design drawings

In the process of preparing clothing and props, it is necessary to list a complete process plan to help make the production. At this time, the design diagram plays an important role. You can copy the original elements related to the characters in the original comics, animated images, and the original drawing settings of the characters, or download and print the pictures. If you are interested and capable, you can also draw the settings. The icons should be displayed completely. The characteristics and details of the character costumes, then you can refer to the design drawings to prepare, make, and improve the costumes.

Making of clothes

According to the design drawing, you can purchase the materials, accessories and accessories of the garments in the mall or clothing store. Different materials require different materials. According to the material of the clothing, you can choose the fabric that is close to the character clothing. System, manual is not very strong, you can ask the master of the clothes, or let the tailor to make the clothes you want. Making clothes is the most important step in Cosplay. If you wear your own clothes, you will feel more fulfilled.

Props production

For the characters that need to be played with the props, the displayed props need to be made and perfected on the basis of the design drawings. The ready-made props similar to firearms can be found in the toy store. If there is no ideal props that match the original, then you must I made it myself, I can search the network for related production props and models, and prepare materials according to the information. The general props are all kinds of paper, plastic, wood, white latex, acrylic paint, paint and so on.

Wigs, styling tools and cosmetics

For hairstyles and character styling, wigs, hair accessories, styling tools, and cosmetics are essential. The choice of wigs can be found in stores or online stores. There are many shops that sell Cosplay wigs. You can find the right wigs in them. You can customize them when you can't find the same hairstyles as the characters. According to the drawings, use the styling tool to DIY yourself, match the makeup of the character, and use the wig to complete.

Go to Cosplay!

Finally, prepare everything, make up the makeup, bring the wig, wear the costumes, pick up the props, dress up, try to imitate the expressions and movements of the characters in front of the mirror, and add the exclusive lines, when the hero of the dream appears. In front of yourself, the feeling of being the protagonist must be great! At this time, you can go to the Cosplay event, communicate with everyone, share your story and interesting stories, and make friends with many friends!