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Custom activities around Halloween

Jan 01, 2019

Halloween is the most "haunted" of the year, with a variety of demons, pirates, alien visitors and witches. Before the Christian era, the Celtics held a ceremony in the late summer to thank God and the sun for their grace. The fortunetellers at that time ignited and practiced witchcraft to drive away the demon ghosts that were said to wander around. The Harvest Festival, which was later celebrated by the Romans with nuts and apples, merged with the Celtics on October 31. In the Middle Ages, people dressed in animal costumes and wearing terrible masks wanted to drive away the ghosts of the night on Halloween. Although Christianity later replaced the religious activities of Celtic and Rome, the early customs were preserved. The children took a joke and wore various costumes and masks to participate in the Halloween dance. The walls around the dances were often adorned with paper witches, black cats, ghosts and bones. The front and the door were hung with grin or It is a smashing pumpkin lantern.

On Halloween, the children will carry pumpkin lanterns, wear a variety of bizarre costumes, go door-to-door to ask for candy, and keep saying: “trick or treat” (meaning: “Give no give, don’t give "If you refuse to give candy, the children will be very angry and punish you in various ways, such as dumping garbage in your home, etc., to punish you until you are willing to give them candy." until. [6] For tradition, people will dress up as elves and then ask for food from house to house. Their belief is to give elves worship and food to please them, otherwise these elves will tease them, such as: chimney blockage, cattle and sheep lost, yellow buds and so on. Another way to fool or scare away these evil spirits is to dress them up. They believe that such evil spirits will not hurt them.

Halloween mask

Since the 17th century, the tradition of celebrating Halloween has gradually disappeared in southern England, replaced by the Gunpowder Plot commemoration on November 5. But Halloween is still prevalent in Scotland, Ireland and North England. Until the beginning of the 21st century, Southern England talents began to celebrate Halloween again, but the way was completely Americanized.

The most popular game on Halloween is "biting an apple." During the game, people let the apples float in the basin filled with water, and then let the children bite the apples with their mouths without hands. Whoever bites first, who is the winner. [4]

Halloween originates from the ancient New Year's Day of Celtic. At this time, it is also a time to sacrifice the souls. While avoiding the interference of evil spirits, it also worships the ancestral spirits and good spirits with food to pray for the winter. In the evening, children will wear makeup, wear masks, and collect candy from house to house.

Festival event

New York City also held a special parade on Halloween night to let a group of vampires, zombies, witches, and Frankenstein appear together. The public is also welcome to visit. The participants are not limited to age, gender, class, nationality. Even if you are a coward, you can join them and come to a hot carnival.

In fact, these ghosts are all dressed up, so it is not terrible. On the contrary, some small faces are more very cute, which makes them feel like they are in a large costume ball.

Among the various costumed characters, the most popular witch zombies, and those specializing in Halloween supplies are also specially prepared to sell to meet the needs of the public; at the same time, manufacturers will The hot characters of the year included the introduction of masks and clothing to the market, in order to make more people into the craze of traditional Western festivals, such as the little wizard in the movie "Harry Potter", has become a must-have role for many children.

The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade began in 1973 and was initiated by a mask craftsman and puppet actor Mr Ralph Lee. It is said that he first marched with his friends and children in neighbors and later evolved into a whole Large-scale activities in the village, and of course large-scale puppet shows, and the purpose of the parade is to hope that everyone is a participant rather than a bystander, so even if people just want to see the lively mentality, when you step into the village They will soon be invited to participate in the parade and become a part of them.

The New York City Halloween Parade attracts thousands of New Yorkers and visitors every year, and the parade is held in Greenwich Village. The teams are at the junction of Sixth Avenue and Spring Street at about 7 pm ( 6th Avenue & Spring Street) started and marched until the 26th Street & 23rd Street. The journey took about a few hours.

Pumpkin cake

Visitors from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East can dress up as a variety of characters, and can also bring simple instruments to instantly play local unique music, blending with borderless territories. culture. Maybe I have never participated in Halloween activities before, let alone such a wonderful parade, so I feel particularly fresh. As early as mid-October, Manhattan has begun to “haunted”. On busy streets, we have seen ghost decorations hanging around Halloween. Many department stores are also busy putting gifts and clothes in the window. The lesser people stop to watch, and the supermarkets and markets also sell small and small pumpkins for the public to buy home to decorate their homes or make pumpkin lanterns. Of course, there are also housewives who cook pumpkins for dishes or cakes. The festival is full of traditions.