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How do women choose the right lingerie for themselves?

Sep 13, 2018

Don't simply pursue black

Black underwear is really sexy, but before you buy, consider the color and hairstyle of your hair. If the hair is black, consider buying a fuchsia underwear; if the hair is red or yellowish, consider a light pink underwear. Short hair can buy bright colored underwear, long hair suggests dark.

Underwear and body coordination

If the bust is small, it is best to choose a 1/4 cup, which will make your breasts stand up and expose the nipple. If your breasts are large, you can choose an underwear that does not have a lining and that can gather the cleavage so that the breast does not sag.

Attention to detail

Exquisite can represent taste, don't buy some cheap and rough underwear, it will make you very uncomfortable. Look at the details, don't just wear it and break it.

Try garter

If you don't know what it is, go to the Internet and search for it. This is a new erotic lingerie that will make your waist look thinner and your hips more curved.

How to choose different lingerie for different chest types

Flat diffuse type

Features: large bottom area, low height, and the curve is not obvious.

A steel plate bra with a 1/2 cup or a 3/4 cup is preferred. It helps the chest muscles to concentrate inward from both sides and has the effect of lifting upwards. In order to enhance the force pushed back to the center, deepen the cleavage and store the fat that spreads to the two ribs and the upper abdomen, and not choose the detachable bra.

Small breasts

Features: The bottom area is slightly smaller, the height is low, and it is a small chest.

Choose the bra of the shaped seamless cup to compensate for the lack of height, so that the curvature is naturally uniform; or choose the 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup steel plate or insert bra.

Moderately drooping chest

Characteristics: The bottom area is moderate and the height is high, but the breast muscles are slack and sagging, which are basically women who have given birth. You should choose a cup that is bigger than usual. The angle of the cup is obviously raised upwards, and the cup is deeper. The bra that can fully contain the full breast is selected to have a bra with a stable support function. It is advisable to tighten the shoulder straps on both sides slightly and to shorten the weight to increase the strength of the breast. Use the bra of the steel ring and the butterfly wing to make it set off, and the support from the bottom to the top can improve the position of the breast. When wearing it, pay attention to insert the breast into the cup satisfactorily.

Front chest is full and full

Features: This body looks like the upper body is fuller than the garden.

If the bra is not properly worn, it is easy to make the breast shape and affect the body shape. Therefore, it is best to use a drop-shaped cup and pay attention to the breasts fully inserted into the cup when wearing, so that the contour of the chest is more obvious and the shape of the breast is maintained.

Moderately diffused chest

Features: large bottom area and moderate height.

Choose a 3/4 cup or full cup with a steel bra. The ribs are lined with soft strips and stretch fabric to enhance the concentration. The 3/4 cup is thin and the full cover is lined and unlined, but be careful to choose the correct size and cup capacity.

Regardless of your size, as long as you choose the right one, you can not only make the bra a part of the skin, but also cover up the shortcomings, create a more attractive curve, and enhance women's self-confidence.