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How to choose sexy lingerie ?

May 28, 2018

How to choose sexy lingerie ?

Slings, see-throughs, laces, embroidery, hollow meshes, etc. constantly introduce new underwear and make women more and more graceful and graceful. Wearing underwear, wearing good lingerie not only highlights personal taste, the grace of women and the wit of dressing will naturally emerge when appropriate.

1. White - pure and quiet

Innocent and lovely girl, pure and innocent little angel, gentle and virtuous, elegant and quiet, is the feeling that white underwear brings to you. It is said that women wearing white underwear are more conservative, and simple and plain white sexy underwear may be able to find a peace in your heart, so white underwear is usually designed to be more succinct. However, there are exceptions. Just as pure white nurses are unusually sexy on certain occasions, if the white underwear is accompanied by a small white fluff or ultra-thin nylon fabric, the playful appearance may be more charming than the rich.

2. Soft color - warm and pleasant

The overall color of the pastel color is similar to that of white. The sexy lingerie is only more lively and light, mainly including light colors and gray neutral colors: the mimosa-like yellow color and the jasmine white color, the feminine rose-red color and the camellias-like depth. The pink of one, the tender green leaves in the early spring and the pale blue in the clear sky... The soft colored underwear gives you a warm and comfortable feeling, as if it is integrated into the fresh feelings of nature. Soft-colored underwear is usually lace fabrics to bring out a docile feminine. However, because the softer colors are all lighter, women with darker skin colors may appear slightly darker in their silhouette, and women with fair complexion wear more insurance.

3. Black - mysterious romance

Nothing makes you look more sexy than black underwear. Thin slings, hollow lace, sexy lingerie woman's body in the vaguely distributed infinite style. For yellow people, black underwear is suitable for almost everyone. Black, full of mysterious and romantic feeling, and the skin form a strong contrast, but at the same time it is the most unremarkable color, so make your skin look more white, at the same time do not worry about being robbed of your brilliance by the underwear. Black underwear is straight and sexy, so the style is naturally simple, thin, transparent as well, if coupled with black garter socks, the beautiful index instantly soared to the top!

4. Rich color - style and ten thousand

I do not know if you have found that the market's ultra-small sexy underwear more than the use of rich colors, in addition to the most attractive "deep red" outside the sexy lingerie, there is a strong sense of full-bodied dark purple, dark blue, with a metallic luster The dark brown, leopard color that gives off the original wild taste... It's just that the colorful underwear is hot, but it's not for everyone, because the color itself is too eye-catching, it gives people a visual stimulation, and the pale skin is careless. Will be covered by bright colored underwear and become a supporting role, so thin and thin women choose this kind of underwear underwear more need to think twice.

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