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How to choose the size of the swimsuit?

Oct 12, 2018

Swimsuits, like the second layer of skin, how to choose the right swimsuit is very important.

1. Shoulder straps should be comfortable and not tight, and provide effective support;

2. The shoulder strap should be well supported, and should not have the feeling of being squeezed by the quilt;

3. Arm movements are free;

4. The ankle is well covered;

5. The strap is tight and tight;

6. If the swimsuit (neck, shoulder arm, crotch) is deeply caught in the meat, you should wear a larger size;

7. If the swimsuit is curled after being put on, then the swimsuit is too big or too long, try on the small size;

8. If the swimsuit is tight, try to wear a larger size;

9. Make sure that the swimsuit does not slip when the body is active;

10. Do appropriate activities in the fitting room, such as stretching, bending, beating, turning, etc., to see if you feel comfortable.