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How to distinguish the quality of swimsuits?

Oct 12, 2018

The first thing to look at is the density of the swimsuit material, which must be at least 48 needles. This kind of fabric can make the swimsuit breathable and not very sticky.

Look at the swimsuit label, which should account for 18%-20% of spandex and about 80% of nylon. These are the prerequisites for ensuring the elasticity index, recovery rate, washing rate and chlorine resistance of swimsuits.

The elasticity of the swimsuit is also very important. A good swimsuit does not mean that the elasticity is large, but it means that the resilience is good. After stretching for a long time, the swimsuit can be well restored. In this way, it is avoided that the water is dragged by the water, and the swimsuit is drooped to cause the light to escape, and the clothes are prevented from being too tightly pulled into the skin, causing discomfort. Before you buy, it is recommended to try on it first and do some exercise to see if the swimsuit is always comfortable. It is not recommended to buy if it is too tight or too loose.

Use a high-quality dye swimsuit to avoid discoloration in the water, or the dye will fall off the skin and affect health.

Pay more attention to the splicing of the swimsuit. When the amount of exercise is large, the inferior swimsuit is easy to open the line from the splicing, causing the light to go out. When buying, pay special attention to whether the seaming line at the seam is dense, and try to choose a sturdy swimsuit.