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How to match the sexy lingerie?

May 28, 2018

How to match the sexy lingerie?

Matching perspective

The degree of importance attached to lingerie in perspective wear is sufficient to be worthy of any adjectives. Because this dress itself is on the "avant-garde" and "vulgar" wire. If you choose improper lingerie, the result is catastrophic. In general, at this time, the price of a sexy underwear will never be inferior to that of a jacket. It requires beauty and exquisiteness so that it can be worn without injury. Also pay attention to the color, the unbalanced color will look vulgar and ugly, choose the same color matching lining can make sexy underwear and coat each other, there is a seamless feeling. Of course, the size of the cup can not be ignored. If the cup is too small and the meat is protruding, it is a terrible thing, so be sure to choose the appropriate cup size.

Matching Cheongsam

The thin cheongsam is close to the body and the curve is complete. Therefore, the selection of sexy lingerie cannot be ignored. At this time, a self-cultivated body suit is showing its charm. It can concentrate and lift the chest at the same time, tightening the fat in the abdomen and buttocks, and adjusting all parts of the female body as a whole. If your chest height is not enough, consider choosing a cushioned style. It should be noted that the cheongsam is high-gender, and the feet of the underwear should avoid the flat-footed type. If you are plump, you can't choose too tight a style, because the traces of the hips are really unsightly. Wearing cheongsam without bras or wearing half-length stockings with garters is a taboo against cheongsam. Few people can withstand such tests.

Matching T-shirt

When wearing T-shirts or knitted garments, the lines of double breasts are particularly noticeable, so it is especially important to create natural chest lines. The simple design of a seamless bust or full cup is the most appropriate. It can prevent bust lines from appearing on T-shirts and also create a more round shape for double breasts.