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What are the fashion spring dresses?

Jan 01, 2019

Pearl Trumpet Sleeve Dress Short Skirt + Ball Sweater

Matching point of view: Korean version of the bow princess dress, the overflowing girl's sweet and fresh charm, refreshing and bright white is very suitable for spring color, with pink ball sweater, full of cute girls, feet wearing camel shoes, fashion good-looking, spring This way, it is guaranteed to be beautiful.

Striped V-neck straight dress + sweater

With the look: striped dress, to create a clean and refreshing campus style, straight style design, can cover the flesh to better show the body, with long-sleeved sweater, highlighting the girl's full-fledged Han Fan, feet wearing shoes at ease, The whole is in line with the freedom and fresh dress in the spring days.

Polka Dot Dress + Red Knit Cardigan

Matching point of view: polka dot dress, deductive style of devil, and the design of the small wave point reflects the vitality of the spring, with a bright red knit cardigan, highlighting the sweet and playful side, cloth shoes, comfortable belt A small fresh fan.