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What kind of sexy underwear does a man like?

Sep 13, 2018

Red lingerie: the pursuit of stimulation

He loves this color of lingerie, which means that he loves the excitement of sensuality.

Often prefer to fullness, think that this posture will bring irritation, he likes fresh and exciting sexual behavior,

And I care about the other person's sexual reaction, in addition to satisfying myself, I also hope to meet each other.

Yellow lingerie: action fit

If he likes yellow lingerie, he is very similar to the sexual attitude of red underwear. In terms of sexual behavior,

They are all thirsty for sensuality, but they prefer yellow underwear, but they don't pay much attention to whether the other person is full. Just one

Being exposed to a female body or seeing a yellow underwear can cause sexual urges, but it does not mean that he is a erotic.

Black lingerie: love romance

Men who like black erotic lingerie are often enchanted in sexual fantasies, and black represents mysterious romance. black

Underwear, there is a striking combination of solemnity, sensuality and nobility. Light and shadow on the skin will make black

The color is full of charm. His physical requirements are not too much, but he likes to indulge in sexual fantasies.

White erotic underwear: conservative concept

White lingerie, showing youth and clarity, is a clean, flat and straightforward color. If he likes

I love you wearing white underwear, which means that he has a strong possessiveness to you, just like having a certain collection, sexuality.

It is more conservative. He likes a girl who looks pure and has a tendency to be a little clean, no matter in spirit,

And the physical requirements are the same. No matter if you wear any clothes, as long as it is white, you don't have to be too sexy.

Can cause his impulses.