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Why do men like sexy lingerie?

Sep 13, 2018

The desire of a man is sensual, and the desire of a woman is lust. Male sexual stimulation is very direct - visual, so men can only be excited by visual stimulation, unlike women, who need caress, kisses, sweet words and many other ways. So don't be surprised that your male partner is very radical. It's normal from a physiological point of view. The male sighs that it is a godsend to meet a sexy girlfriend. Sexy lingerie is to show the beauty of women's body, although every part is beautiful, but smart girls will know what part of them is the most beautiful. Usually, the chest, waist, hip, abdomen, shoulder, neck, wrist, these parts are the main points. Another misunderstanding about wearing sexy lingerie is that everyone usually thinks that wearing it is “to get rid of it”, but in fact, in the process of sex, moderate dressing will make women more sexy.