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Characteristics And Advantages Of Chiffon Fabrics

Jun 21, 2017

When shopping on the internet we often see some of the baby described in the snow spinning such a said, then what is the chiffon fabric? What are the characteristics of chiffon fabrics? How does his advantage differentiate and differentiate? Is there any other kind? With this series of questions, we focus today on what fabric is chiffon.

What is chiffon fabric. Chiffon is also called Georgette, it is a silk fabric with strong twisting crepe warp and crepe weft weaving, which adopts s twist and Z twist to twist the yarn in two different twisting direction, according to ZS, 2Z interphase arrangement, and weaving weave, the density of fabric is very small. After scouring, the silk silk is shrunk by the twisting effect of the thread, and the silk face is covered with uniform wrinkles and loose georgette. According to the raw materials used can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester silk georgette and interwoven georgette and so on, if the weft silk only a twist, woven georgette known as shun fiber georgette, shun-fiber georgette presented by the concave-convex fold-like irregular crepe.

The characteristics of chiffon fabric: georgette texture thin and transparent, soft and flexible, the appearance of light Yajie, with good air permeability and drape, wearing elegant, comfortable. The lightness, weight, thickness, thinness, transparency and crepe effect of georgette are mainly determined by the thickness of the thread, the composite, the twist and the density of the weft. Georgette is suitable for making women dresses, senior evening gowns, scarves, lanterns crafts and so on. is the silk products in the textile products, fabric light, transparent, soft, elegant, name from the French Chiffe sound meaning, meaning light and light transparent fabric. How to distinguish the chiffon fabric: how to tell what is the real advanced chiffon? The trick is to cut a small piece of fabric and burn it with a lighter. True: white smoke, emitting fragrance, dry ashes are broken open. False: If all is the flavor and not broken open, a touch will know the ingredients. Types of chiffon fabrics: according to the raw materials can be divided into silk chiffon, man-made chiffon and polyester silk chiffon and other several, the same is chiffon fabrics, different raw materials woven fabric difference is also very large, texture and feel the difference between very far, so the price difference is also very big.

How to maintain the clothing of chiffon fabric? Do not put the nail bead dress long time in the closet, otherwise soft and relaxed chiffon will sag deformation. Be careful not to touch the water. If the local dip water, simply soak the washing, the final stretch ironing to avoid shrinkage. Do not dry naturally after washing. The heavy decorative chiffon is best placed in the closet, so it is not easy to deform. The A-time chiffon dress should not be placed in plastic pockets, preferably in the cloth pocket, breathable and not contaminated with dust. There are sleeves of chiffon clothes hanging up with hangers, it is best to choose cloth hangers, or the two ends of the hanger with small towels, sleeves will not be deformed. You should pay attention to the long distance when spraying perfume. So as not to leave the macula.