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Common Sense In Clothing

Jun 21, 2017

If you have a description of the size of your clothing, make sure your child can use at least 2 months. Children do not care about slightly larger clothes, actually slightly larger clothes are more appropriate, because children will grow up in a very short time.

can only buy washable, not discolored clothes.

Make sure that the clothes you buy do not affect the use of diapers and don't take off a lot of clothes when changing diapers. Buy a loose towel jumpsuit and buy a metal buttons in your crotch or crotch.

After the child is born for a period of time, it is best to wear a robe, so change clothes when you just have to lift the clothes.

It is best to use a wide opening in front of the clothes or open collar clothes, because the child does not like to have something to cover the face.

The front opening of the clothes, easy to wear off, no need to turn over the child.

The material of the clothes should be soft, comfortable and not hard to sew. Check the neckline size and waistline before buying. When buying a baby towel, it is best to buy cotton or wool, and if you buy a cloth, make sure the texture is soft and comfortable.

Buy non-flammable clothes.

It is not appropriate to buy clothes with lace, the child may put his hand into the hole.

Not to buy white clothes, white clothes are not good to wash. Children like to wear bright clothes or soft traditional clothes.

If you buy a hat for your child, be sure to have the tape, and if you don't have the tape, sew it on. Most children don't like hats, and if they don't have a strap, they'll pull the hat off.

Clothes with metal buttons in the rear of the collar are generally used for longer periods. When the clothes change hours, the back of the metal buttons can not be tied, so that the head can also go through the collar.