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Down Jacket In The Warm Aspect Why The Victory Coat

Jun 21, 2017

Core summary: Feather and fluffy porous high gas content, so that the air layer in the down jacket heat conduction and convection effect of a lot of lower, in the clothing material table between the two layers of static air layer will bring good warmth effect.

Many people in the winter think of buying a down jacket to withstand the cold, but, how many people know, why down jacket warmer than a cotton coat?

We used to wear cotton-padded fibers, generally speaking, can organize the clothes inside and outside the air flow, thus achieves the heat preservation effect, but the down jacket is filled down, its fluffy many empty, the air content is higher than the cotton coat to be many, the breathability is also small, therefore the possibility which the clothing inside and outside flow is minimized, has its big better

Experts recommend, buy down jacket, must be optimistic about velvet quality, fabric, so that in order to achieve the perfect thermal effect, enjoy health wear.